• About Mia Renee Johnson

    As an artist, I have always used my creations to explore my own interests, the journey deep in my imagination, that place that we all want to go to get away from reality. To me, that place is home. I take great influence from fantasy, different cultures and cartoons, which probably stems from growing up always wanting to be anywhere but in my own body. I feel that I have an unusually rare view on what beauty and happiness are because it has always been things I can’t grasp or understand. I’m drawn to what’s different. It is the differences in culture that create the idea of exoticism and I am always looking to find the beauty in those differences. People that are different don’t usually feel beautiful and can’t relate to what is portrayed as beauty. We tend to want to get away from realism and it is rare to see those differences used as subject matter. By focusing my artistic lens on the exotic and fantasy, I want to draw attention to cultures and beauty that might not otherwise be noticed.

    Traditional Art Portfolio 

    Digital Art Portfolio

  • Exclusive LA Comic Con Posters

    Every year the collective I co-created, Unicornatopia, creates  exclusive posters for LA Comic Con. We Vend with all of our Handmade products and original art. For more details on our collective visit Unicornatopia

  • Weekly Instagram Comics

    I'm obsessed eith cartoons/comics, so I made myself a cartoon/comic. Every friday I upload comics about my myself and strange thoughts to instagram.  

  • Various Digital Art 

    Various  Vector Art and Misc. Digital Art for various clients.  


    Majadi Project

    Album cover art for Lavan Davis' Majadi Project, As I Am

    Pattern Design

    I love making patterns, here's my Sailor Moon Design

    Earth Day

    Just a little diddy I made for Earth Day. 


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